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IWantAGoodMasterNow! 8 years ago
i cummed at least 30 times in the first 15 minutes. i need a master just like him!!!!
LittleMissSub 8 years ago
Great dom! Currently dating my dom if only he'd go as hard as this man. My dom does not like putting me in pain, despite many conversations saying it's something I'd be okay with. I'm definitely jealous!
mmm 8 years ago
Can I have him?
Charter Tactical Solutions 6 years ago
she is a really beautiful girl too, everyone is talking about the dom but if it wasnt lexi belle getting worked over it woldnt be as hot.
Kyle1985 3 years ago
I love how the guy is totally chill. Like he is helping you find the right light bulb at home depot & not shooting a crazy hot bdsm video with a super model. LOL, What a fun job to have.
slave of darkness 7 years ago
please tell me someone figured out who this guy is or if he has more videos. i've watched this the past three nights. i can never make it to the end before i've squirted everywhere
wombat3 8 years ago
She needs a pole in her anus too...
hes so hot 10 years ago
im jealous
Jealous 10 years ago
Wow, wouldn't mind being in her shoes, really wanna know who the Dom is though, he's hot AND a good Dom. I came a fair few times in the first 5 minutes!
woooooow 11 years ago
I wish I had her bodyyy!